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Van Days

PG-13   3786 words
Frank broke his hand and it's Gerard's fault.

Party Games (Eureka!)
NC-17   1480 words
Gerard has awesome ideas.

There's A Low Moon Caught In Your Tangles 
R   6986 words  
Frank and Gerard are painting the set for Vampires Will Never Hurt You and get high on paint fumes.

Frank Iero in: The Quest for the Bathtub 
NC-17   7712 words 
Frank would kill for a bubble bath.

Race You  
R   1710 words  
They're somewhere in Iowa or Ohio, Frank doesn't give a shit. All he knows is that they're at this rest stop in the middle of Bumfuck, population 5 and a fucking cow and that he's out of cigarettes.

It's Not Kansas And It's Not Mexico, But It'll Do For Now 
R   3688 words  
A rest stop in Kentucky.

Get Closer, Mark It As Mine  
NC-17   2513 words  
The decor only misses a smelly dumpster and maybe a dead body rotting in there to be complete and yet, Frank laughs. This might be the sexiest moment he experienced in his entire life.

Tell You When To Stop, Trapped Inside The Box, Tell You When To Go  
NC-17   2359 words  
Gerard doesn’t know if he’s already crazy about Frank or if it’s just a strange fascination that will fade with time, the appeal of someone new and pretty to look at.

The Island Of Conclusions
PG-13   2000 words
“I was jacking off. In private,” Frank gritted out. “I told you guys about it this afternoon! It was all planned out and everything.”
“Oh wait,” he said out loud, more calmly this time. “Is that what you meant by ‘squeezing one out’?”
“Did you think I was going to be in here laying eggs or something?”

A Pair Of Dull Scissors And The Yellow Light
NC-17   1800 words
"I hate these things," Frank mutters, pulling irritably on a dreadlock that's tickling his forehead. He keeps tugging for a minute, probably because he's high and well, it feels interesting between his fingers. Underneath the tangle of matted hair, his scalp is vaguely itchy. Gerard is chewing on the rim of a red plastic cup, and he cocks his head a little when Frank starts talking, but doesn't answer right away. He does reach out and touch another dreadlock; his fingers brush Frank's neck and they're cold. It feels good, though. Makes the itch go away for a second or two.

If It Was Just One Night  
R   4210 words 
Early days fic. Frank is doing merch for MCR and gets more than Gerard's eternal gratitude for it. 

Sick Again 
PG-13   1600 words
Frank is not getting sick, because he'd just been sick, and it wouldn't make any fucking sense at all for him to be getting sick again.

Mostly everyone is drunk, Gerard and Frank have a fumble in the dark, and Frank tries to look after Gerard
after an alcohol filled and generally bad performance. 
NC-17   8120 words
Gerard looks like a total dweeb in his Barnes and Noble polo. He’s looking way cleaner and more aware than the last time Frank saw him, at some house party in Nutley on Saturday night, drunk and clinging and grinning about My Chem’s upcoming string of shows. Frank had grinned back, of course, because when Gerard was smiling you really couldn’t help it, but inside he’d been a little sick. They’d also be the last three shows he had booked - would ever book - for Pencey, and even though he still had Shaun and Hambone, I Am A Graveyard just … wasn’t the same.

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

R   4500 words Gerard hits rock-bottom, from Frank's POV.

When the World Stops Moving
PG-13   1700 words
Gerard and Frank get stuck in an elevator.

Warped Tour

A Kind Of Savage Caring
NC-17   7600 words
Frank really, really loves dick.

A Necessary Requirement
 In which Gerard believes a stable, loving relationship is a necessary requirement for the viewing of genitalia.

Projekt Revolution

A Distance In The Afterlife
R   15,700 words
"The fans are gonna go nuts, man, I need time to brace myself for that many shrieking teenage girls." Gerard rubs his forehead. "Yeah, I. Sorry. It was kind of a spontaneous thing, you know?" "Oh, for Christ's sake, none of us are mad at you," Frank says. "I thought it was a great interview. If we have to put up with some really ugly homemade rainbow banners at shows, well, you know, so be it."

Mind the Gap Between the Train and the Platform 
NC-17   8000 words
A couple weeks before the start of Projekt Revolution, the My Chemical Romance boys get a much needed day off. Frank and Gerard use the time to explore.

Sweet Caffeine (And Love of Liberace)
In which Brian tasered them into it, Gerard read too many comic books as a kid, Jamia isn't worried about anything, and Bob doesn't wear a codpiece.

Danger Days

Making Of
NC-17   5000 words
Frank and Gera
rd on the set of the trailer to "Na Na Na." Frank is all over the place, wanting to be home with his girls and here with his boys, all at the same time.

That Damn Fur Coat
NC-17   2702 words
Six songs in and Gerard's on FIRE. Frank doesn't know what's gotten into him. A third of the way through the set, and he's already touching himself, strutting around in his fucking tight as shit jeans, moaning, prancing. Has been since the first song. And he touches Frank every time he walks by. Little things, innocent if you can't see the way he's fucking leering underneath the rat's nest of freshly dyed red hair. He looks like the Devil incarnate, hips tilted like an incitement to sin. Frank's all for it. If he would just fucking HOLD STILL.

Band Breakup

The Sky-High City
PG-13   7300 words
This is a story about something that could maybe happen to Frank Iero after his band breaks up.

Pency Prep

R   6500 words
Frank jerked awake when his dream was interrupted by a squealing banshee, which turned out to be the van grinding and squealing to a halt.


NC-17   4518 words 
Frank kissed a heckler and Gerard is pissed off.


NC-17   1500 words
Frank feels like he just fell off the stage, staggered directly from the lights and out into the long hallway
backstage, tipping over into the momentary quiet.

For the next week, Gerard woke up every morning to a new list of Words that Describe how Gerard is In Bed
pinned on the fridge. It disappeared after one of them wrote, 'Sparkle Motion' because, Bob explained to
Gerard, they felt they'd nailed Gerard's essence with that one.

He made it to the bathroom and stood there leaning heavily on the sink, staring at himself in the mirror. He didn't look like a creepy sadist. But neither did Christian Bale, and that hadn't ended well for anybody.

PG-13   1600 words
Frank and Gerard, lost in Moscow

PG-13   6314 words 
Rock star!Gerard/fanboy!Frank "The number's probably as fake as his Uncle Vito's hair piece and maybe
Frank is calling a poor random guy who was unlucky enough to have his phone number broadcast all over
the Internet. It's worth a shot though, even if he ends up sounding like an idiot."

I Like It All That Way 
NC-17   1959 words  
Motel room sex. "Frank barely makes it inside his motel room when he's pushed unceremoniously against the wall..."

Gerard waited until Frank had progressed past the victory dance portion of his routine and reached up, hooking a finger through Frank's beltloop, tugging Frank backwards onto his lap. He wrapped an arm around Frank's chest from behind to contain the surprised flailing and leaned over to whisper in Frank's ear. "Let Mikey pick the movie and you can have control of something else."

In The Night There Is Something Wild 
PG-13   1665 words  
Hotel room shenanigans.

Off-Stage Is Better
Maybe Frank was a little sweeter to Gerard, maybe Gerard used his bitch voice on Frank more-but it was increasingly accompanied by a soft look and occasionally gentle fingers on Frank's side. But they never talked about it. Or told anyone. At first it was just because they'd told themselves there was simply nothing to tell.
It's not like they make a habit of sleeping together.

I Woke Up In A Car
PG-13   5250 words 
Frank is the new merch guy for My Chem. Gerard who is a bit of a diva wants to get into his pants.

Let's Get Lost  
PG   2035 words 
"You have my permission to eat me," Frank says, solemn as he opens his eyes. The sun is blinding, high in the cloudless sky. Frank puts an arm over his face and groans. "Eat me and build a raft with my bleached bones."

Once Upon a December
Gerard likes to keep his secrets, but it's hard to when his bandmates don't know how to knock!

Personal Bubble
Frank won't leave Gerard alone!

PG-13   3266 words  
Frank can’t sleep.

Honey If You Stay I'll Be Forgiven
There are interviews, vid clips, etc., where Gerard talks about hitting rock bottom, about the morning he called Brian, suicidal, and Brian kept him on the phone, either with him or their at-that-time tour manager until Gerard passed out. This takes place upon waking up.

Lip Service
NC-17   6000 words
Gerard never lets Frank fuck his mouth.

Sidelong Glances
R Sidelong glances can bring more than expected.

NC-17   2000 words
Frank shouldn’t be watching. Shouldn't even still be here, should have maybe seen what is very clearly private times happening and, you know, left
 the way any sane and/or rational person would have done.

One Hundred Percent (Almost. Maybe.) 
NC-17   11,400 words Frank sighed. "I'm playing tonight," he said, firmly. "It is a fucking sore throat. Luckily, I am not the lead singer. I can play my fucking guitar with a sore throat. I can play it with my eyes closed. I am fine."

Zero Privacy 
NC-17  16,200 words Gerard likes listening to Frank jerk off. A lot.

Whatever I Want (Whatever That Is) 
NC-17   9300 words
The first time Frank walked in on Gerard going down a girl in the dressing room, he was 

The Frank Iero Guide To Stress Management 101
Recording is stressful enough for Frank already, without Gerard messing with his stuff and doing one thing after another to piss him off.
It hits Gerard one day, as they're getting ready for the Watchmen premiere, that he's never actually seen Frank's pubic hair.