Hospital/Disability AU

Hospital AU

Fire And Ice 
Frankie is a 16 year old mute patient at a mental institution. Soon enough a few people realize that muteness is not only nice when you want silence but it's also very convenient when you have other things in mind...

Home Is A Name
NC-17   39,203 words
MCR Clinic of Love.

I Never Told You What I Do For A Living
Frank Iero, male nurse at Pete Wentz's private hospital and possibly more to one new patient he can't keep his eyes off.

Disabilities AU


Wind-Up Toy
Just when Gerard was sure he was dispensable... street lights revealed something to him.

Crazy Like You, Lollipop
Four young man, all with their own sorts of shit to deal with. One with too many labels, one simply had enough, one addicted to meth and one living in his own Autistic world. All four of them spend a part of their life in 499, better known as Monroeville. One of the many houses of a psychiatric institution.

Frank wasn’t like any other teenagers his own age. He was different. Not for the reasons you may think, though. Frank spent his afternoons and weekends looking after a mentally ill boy. His name was Gerard.


Mikey and Frank attend the North Jersey School for the Deaf, Gerard is studying to be a translator. Frank is hot, even if he is a baby. The shenanigans, they happen. As they do.