Real Life AU

Office AU

Falling For You
It’s those little things that suggest to Gerard he is well and truly fallen in love with his colleague, Frank.

Sound Of Love Notes
PG-13   2819 words
Gerard is unsatsified with data entry.

Watercooler Romance
R   5500 words
Super angsty Gerard hates work! But Frank comes along and they are all anti-establishment!

Dunder Mifflin: Chicago Branch
PG-13   5000 words
Patrick is always the one who adds in the (to the), because that’s his title, dammit. He’s Pete’s assistant and Pete could not actually do his job without Patrick there. “My very own Ugly Betty!” Pete will say, fluttering his eyelashes at Patrick. “Except not ugly, or a girl. You can be Hot Patrick instead.
INTERNS! Or: The Story Of How Gerard Is Awkward And Frank Is A Bit Of A Douche
The summary is in the title.
Progressive Diminishment And The Art Of Living (Or, How Gerard Way Got His Groove Back)
Gerard Way leads a life of quiet desperation. Every morning he wakes up at six-thirty on the dot. He showers and dresses and has a cup of coffee and a cigarette for breakfast. He is out the door by seven-fifteen and in the office by seven-forty-five.
PG-13   1403 words
Gerard's wandering around the craft store when he runs into a guy. He decides to call him Yarn Guy since that's where he is when Gerard sees him, standing in the yarn aisle holding a tiny, sad piece of yarn and a thing of new yarn.

Emergency Of The Heart
Paul squints at a bit of shading. "Yeah, we work in an office where we get paid to sit on our asses and draw. Man, our lives are so hard. I sure envy those nurses and street cleaners, wow." Cinderella AU

By the Numbers
PG-13   7500
Frank is an accountant, Gerard is an artist (spoiler!: and then they fall in love)

The Light From Our Bodies Precedes Us
NC-17   18,100
Gerard can't help grinning at him. Mikey was right; he's gotta be around twenty-one, but he acts like he's forty-five. He probably means it to seem professional, Gerard thinks, but really it's more adorable and amusing; he himself is only twenty-five, but that's a pretty normal age for young engineers just arriving at NASA. 

Crazy For Him
PG-13   7000 words
It's not like Gerard's stalking Hot Train Guy or anything. He doesn't know his address, or what he does, or whether or not he's single, or his name, or anything really, except that he takes the 7:45 train from Hoboken to the WTC, loves the Times crossword, has at least one tattoo, and is really, really hot. If Gerard ever got to the train station early, he might know more than that—Hot Train Guy, unlike Gerard, is always there well ahead of time—but since that would involve actually striking up a conversation, it's probably for the best that Gerard is chronically almost-late.

Legalities Of The Heart
NC-17   20,900 words
Frank is a lawyer desperate for a job since no one wants to hire him because of his tattoos, and Gerard is his overworked boss.

Life As A Symptom
NC-17   11,000 words
Gerard looked down at where water pooled on the rug at his and Mikey's feet. Maybe it was the fact that he hadn't even had coffee yet and his brain felt mushy and sluggish, but he was pretty sure that wasn't where the water was meant to come out of the cooler.

In The Gaps, Between Words 
PG-13   8322 words 
A kiss under mistletoe at the office Christmas party. A misunderstanding. Two idiots in love. 

Talk Nerdy To Me  
R   17,219 words 
Frank is a nerd. Then, he meets the Sith Lord of his dreams and awkwardness ensues.

Sixteen Tons (How Frank Made it Happen)
Frank isn't late. He isn't. Sure, he's supposed to be at his desk ten minutes before the working day starts, and 
sure, it's already nine a.m. and he's still ten floors away from said desk and still wearing his Etnies, but he's 
in the building, and in Frank's eyes, that makes him not late. Working Girl AU.

Store AU

Real White 001
Gerard is in love with the check-out boy at Home Depot.

Cover To Cover
NC-17   32,600 words
Frank owns The Shop Around The Corner, which specializes in classic and rare books, and Gerard is opening up a large branch of Way Books & Café down the street. They meet online and fall in love.

Jon's Bookstore (A Few of My Favorite Things)
R   11,300 words
A funeral is really the wrong place to learn you've inherited a business.
Sequel Anyone Perfect Must Be Lying (Jon's Bookstore II)
R   15,200 words
Jon likes to think his problems began when the coffee shop across the street opened up. In all honesty, though, they began the day Frank moved in with Gerard a month before Valentine's Day.

The Resolution  
PG-13   3118 words  
It’s only the tenth day of the year and Frank’s shiny new resolutions are already out the window.

Please, Come Again PG-13   8508 words 
Gerard needs mac and cheese. Frank is the very hot cashier who helps him in his quest.

Dog Grooming by Donna 
NC-17   32088 words  
While Mikey is at summer school, Gerard is stuck working in their mom's dog grooming parlor. It's not exactly Gerard's dream, and smelling like wet dog, dealing with annoying customers and equally annoyed mother is a drag, but it gets better once Gerard meets Mikey's friend Frank, dog-walker and occasionally annoying little shit. Gerard's summer may not suck after all.

Night On Earth  
R   8771 words 
24 hours in the lives of Gabe and Frank, 2 friends who work at a toy store.

Restaurant AU

No Experience Necessary
NC-17   26,361 words
Gerard accidentally lands a job at a pizza store and even though the pay is shit, the guys he works with are pretty cool. Soon he’s made all the friends he missed out on in high school and he actually has something to do on a Friday night. Everything's great until he realizes he’s got a hard-on for his cute punk workmate Frank, who is, in all likelihood, straight.

The bright side, Gerard told himself as he painted canvas after canvas of scorpions and Frank’s smile, was that he never had to go back to that coffee house again. He wasn’t even sure he could find it again, let alone go inside and be a creepy stalker. Well, the stalker part he was sure he could do, it was the finding the coffee house that he couldn’t. 
Sequel Two AM
“Hey everybody,” Frank spoke into the microphone, voice echoing into the corners of the room. “You all know me, and I think I know all you. But right now, I’m not your friendly neighborhood barista. Tonight, I’m just a guy, and I just have one thing I want to say. So I hope you’re all listening, especially that guy at the back table.”

A Leopard Can Always Change Its Spots
Gerard works in a restaurant and has a thing for turning straight guys gay. So far he hasn’t had any luck, will the new waiter Frank be any different?

Roommates/Neighbor AU

A Pug Named Kitty
NC-17   9000 words
Frank works in a veterinary clinic in Jersey. Gerard is his neighbor; an adorably awkward artist.

Set in 2006. "Smokes," Mikey reads aloud. "Likes dogs in case ever get one. Likes rock music. Likes loud rock music. Is interesting. Does not hog bathroom." He looks at Frank over the top of his glasses. "Dude, it's like you're meant to be."

Tattoo AU

Sub Rosa {Sealed with a Secret}
PG-13   5039 words
In which Bob owns a tattoo shop and the rest of the MCR boys work for him. Frank is the new guy, and Gerard is in so much trouble. PatD boys also make an appearance.

“Hello. You've reached...some dude named Frank's tattoo parlor. How can I help you?”

True Is His Paper, True Is His Ink
R   663 words
"There." Frank sounds pleased, his fingers brushing gently across the marks he's left behind. Gerard twists and tries to peer at his own back. "It doesn't say 'Property of Frank Iero', right?"

NC-17   2500 words
“I didn’t know—Frank, you have—wow.” He approaches Frank carefully, reaching out a tentative hand, stops himself. “Can I touch?” Gerard gestures to the tattoos on Frank’s chest with the hand still clutching his coffee.

The Airways
Gerard loves Frank's tattoos, loves tracing them gently with his finger pads or feeling them under his tongue. He loves that Frank has enough balls to get them done in the first place (over and over and over again), up and down his body, like stories on display.

Fresh Ink
Gerard grows increasingly worried was Frank continues to ignore him, however he is greatly relieved when he realised the real reason.

Ink Mathematics 
NC-17   28,456 words 
Gerard Way is a failed artist who still lives in his mom’s basement at almost 30. Frank Iero is a tattoo artist. Gerard falls for him.

Domestic Life

Call Me Ahab And I'll Call You Ishmael 
R   2593 words 
Mouse traps, domestic bickering, fluffy and zombies.

Happiness Is A Warm Puppy  
PG-13   2045 words  
Frank, Gerard and Peppers: couch cuddles.

Gerard couldn't even remember what they'd argued about. Something stupid. Possibly over Frank not realizing the sunglasses he'd stepped on were actually given to Gerard by Billy Corgan, but, whatever... 

In The Space Between Is Where You Find You're Home 
R   1468 words  
It's a lazy, good to be home kind of morning.

Frank can't find his gloves. Gerard is not helpful. Pretty, domestic arguing ensues.

Puppies Make Sucky Ninjas  
R   5982 words 
The one where Frank buys Gerard a puppy.

PG-13   980 words
Gerard tries to vacuum.

We'll ask the world to stay away, please  
R   2062 words  
The thing that's really unfair about Frank's extreme exhaustion is that it's not even his fault.

We Will Always Be A Light
NC-17   3000 words
Domestic porn. Frank is bootylicious.

Yours and Mine  
PG   641 words  
Frank, Gerard and a Madonna t-shirt.


I Know What Boys Like (Gerard)/I Know What Guys Want (Frank)
NC-17   10,213/15,068 words
Forgetting about an anonymous bathroom encounter is harder than it should be, especially when it turns into something unexpected.

Gerard hates clubs since he got clean for three reasons, but Frank gives him one mind-blowing reason to at least re-think that.