Crossdress/Transgender/Girl AU

Crossdresser AU

A Little More Mascara
PG   1960 words
Mikey knows all of Gerard's secrets. Frank doesn't.

Becoming Joan
NC-17   36,000 words
The only sound in the dressing room was Frank's breathing and the gentle shhhk as she pulled a lace tighter. "There we go," she said, stepping back. "Yes?" she asked, when he was still silent. "Yes," Frank said, still watching himself in the mirror. Yes.

Danger, High Voltage
R   10,000 words
The story of Frank the Secretly Gay Football Player who May or May Not Be In Love With Gerard the Quasi-Transvestite.

Gerard Way a.k.a Gena G-String (Add as friend to view)
What's a fucking fag in drag gottah do to get some dick around here?"

Bob's dares are never a good thing. Except for when they are in the end.

She (Within The Measure Of A Day)
NC-17   8900 words
Gerard steps out in heels for Halloween. Everybody enjoys it. Some enjoy it more than others.

Shook-Up World
R   5054 words
"How long have you been doing this?" Frank asks, and when Gerard shoots him a look he holds up his hands again, placating. "It doesn't leave this room, I promise, but...has Mikey known the whole time? Where do you get the clothes? And, I mean, why?" Gerard waits for him to finish, a smile starting to show at the corners of his mouth (the lipstick is a deep burgundy color, and it makes his lips look soft and lush, like velvet). His arms are folded across his chest, his hips cocked slightly to one side, and he looks like a girl in a magazine.

You Taste Just Like Glitter Mixed With Rock 'n Roll
PG-13   1000 words
He’s pretty, face of sharp features and pale, pale skin, stained with glitter and rouge; a blue and orange lightning bolt masks one eye, bold and bright like Ziggy fucking Stardust. He brings a cigarette up to his lips, the filter stained pink with smooth lipstick. Comment!fic

Transgender/sexual AU

Floozy Gal (Add as friend to view)
Frank leans back and watches as she starts cleaning the tables; her 34C being exposed which gives the men around little to no imagination of how she'd look naked. "Give me two minutes with the slut. She'll go home crying to her dad, man." 

Perfect package (Add as friend to view)
You hid this from me... For... For three goddamn years! You think I'd be happy to hear this bullshit? Huh?! Fucking answer me!" He's shaking this 'woman' before him and he thinks she's too beautiful to be a man. (Add as friend to view)

Girl AU

Both Sides
NC-17   4500 words
Two sides to this picture, but Frank always loves his Gee.

Smoke Break
PG-13   1727 words
"Fuck, it's freezing out here," Gee said, shivering and trying to pull out the cigarette pack from the back pocket of her tight jeans with numb fingers. "You want my jacket?" Frank said, shifting from one foot to the other next to her, probably in an attempt to warm up. Gee snorted. "What, and have you die of frostbite?" 
"You can't die of frostbite."

The Girl At The Rock Show  
NC-17   63,000 words 
High school sucks, parents suck. Frankie is a 15 year old punk rock chick who pretty much hates her life. Her parents are always fighting, her mom is a bitch, she is not really popular. Then, she meets Gerard, a senior who spends his days watching clouds and stars and playing D&D.

The Last Gentleman In New Jersey
NC-17   11,000 words
So the thing is - the thing is, Gerard Way is totally not stalking the lead singer of Pencey Prep. Really. He's not. Not even a little. Well. Maybe a little. Anyway, it's not like he's really stalking her - he doesn't know where she lives, or if she's seeing anyone, or what color underwear she wears, or anything like that. He only knows her full name because that's how the guitarist introduces her - "Francesca Antonia Iero, ladies and gentlemen!" - and that's pretty much all he knows.

We Can Live Like Jack and Sally If We Want 
PG-13   1000 words
Gee takes in a stray puppy and calls Frank to help.

Genderswap AU

F@G    (Add as friend to view)
The first thing Gerard did when he woke up was yawn. After he yawned he stretched, then he had an itch. He pushed his hand against himself and scratched. He slept naked so he knew right away something was different; something was wrong. Terribly wrong.

Raspberry Swirl 
NC-17   16,500 words The time that the whole band woke up as girls was maybe the weirdest.


Oh Babies (Add as friend to view)
Am I fat?