Supernatural AU

Werewolf AU

Harvest Moon
Destiny has its way of changing lives under the Harvest moon. It took over a century to bring two lives together, but it just may rip them apart before they even stand a chance.

The Midnight AU
The man is still as the train stops. He doesn’t respond as the conductor greets him and he doesn’t move, even once the steps are lowered. He just stands, flashing in and out of existence. It’s really fucking creepy.
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And The Autumn Moon Is Bright
NC-17   9996 words
"So...what, am I a werewolf now?"

This Is How I Disappear
My name is Frank, Frank Iero. I'm 18 years of age with a lover who is twenty. The only people that knew of our relationship were my parents. My parents were the head of the most feared pack throughout the world. Yes, you read right. Pack. My parents, my lover, myself and those who surround me daily, we're all alike. We're all -

I Was Your Silver Lining
NC-17   52,000 words
"So what do you do?" "I wait." "You wait? Like, what, tables?" "I wait for you." Werewolves, Gypsy magic, soul mates, reincarnation and Gerard being a creeper.

A Company of Wolves
PG-13   13,630 words
Dying, laughing, twitches in the night. Groans, splitting, opening up. The time for action is now, but now is already ten seconds too late. A love story about teeth, and what their presence can do to a relationship.

Frank's a very playful werewolf.

NC-17   63,200 words
Being a secret teenage werewolf is hard. Frank should know. He is one.

He Was A Teenage Werewolf
NC-17   45,807 words
Gerard is transfered to Queen Of Peace, a Catholic school, in the middle of term on his senior year. On his first day, after being forced to wear an ugly uniform and an itchy tie, he has to share a locker with a weird kid named Frank he eventually befriends, gets detention and makes enemies among the faculty.
When Frank disappears, Gerard decides to investigate and stumbles upon a dark family secret. 

Fit To Be Tied
NC-17   55,700 words
Frank is a bartender. Gerard is an alcoholic. They were clearly made for each other. Also, Frank is a werewolf.  The Werewolf Thing

This Can't Be Happening
R   11,448 words
Gerard is hopelessly pining after Frank. Frank is an asshole and practically rules the school. How is he going to get Frank to like him back? Not to mention Frank is a werewolf and Gerard's whole existence is built on the fact that he's supposed to hunt them.

Under The Hide Of Me
NC-17   18,700 words
Prohibition in New Jersey means mob bosses and bootleggers running hooch up and down the shore and into the city. Gerard Way, his brother, and their friend Ray are running an operation for the Capo Maranzano. Rival factions are trying to take over the business, and Frank Iero, from a prominent Mob family, is sent to them as their new driver. But the Ways and Ray are hiding two secrets: their own still on a farm in the Pine Barrens, and something darker yet. They're werewolves.  

Vampire AU

The Scene Is Dead
Everything was normal, up until and even after the kid lunged up on stage.

They said the guy in Apartment 1147 was crazy. Everyone in the complex sped up as they passed his door in the hallway;The distant tap-tap-tap of footsteps became tappitytappityskipskip-tap-tap-tap as they passed the apartment directly below the one Frankie shared with his parents.
The Arrival 
It was a late night when the creepy guy moved into the apartment. Frank was hiding out in his room and ignoring the noises next door, his arms folded on his windowsill, staring outward.
Part 1 /Part 2 /Part 3 /Part 4/ Part 5
Drabble Tea For Two 

R   10,281 words
Frank has been cursed by a gypsy. What happens when he meets Gerard and suddenly his curse doesn't feel like one anymore?

A Lonely Avenue
Willow Avenue. It's been quite alone most the time. It's always been alone. Atleast, at nighttime it is. He watched these nights. Frank knew he did. He was new to the neighborhood.

Lucifer’s Angel
Frank is homeless and living on the street when Gerard finds him and wants to help him.

Vampires Will Never Hurt You
Gerard remembers his first victim in pre-revolutionary France.

Gerard Way's (Vampire) Detective Agency
NC-17   43000 words
Pete, in Decaydance Mansion, with a yarrow stake. Frank and Gerard, in the greenhouse, with a plant of questionable origin. Bob, everywhere you look, with a gang of assassins for justice. Vampires, valets, pamphlets, haunted furniture, dub-thrall, disembodied voices, zombie couriers, and sinister rituals.

Right Kind of Monster
NC-17   30,000 words
Twilight – The way Stephanie Mayer never intended it to be. Frank Iero has just moved from the sun soaked sights of Italy, to the cold white sighs of Tok, Alaska, to live with his unconventional mother, Linda. Though school isn’t hell and his new friends are accepting, there’s a certain boy from a well known family that captures Frank’s attention and eventually, his heart. Now Frank must experience these two worlds and balance himself some how between them, or else lose the love of his life.

Cycle of Souls
Gerard loses his brother in the 17th century, and is turned shortly after. He grieves for his lost brother for centuries, but becomes content when he meets a man named Frank. Now, in the 21st century, he sees someone who looks exactly like his lost brother. In fact, he's positive the young Mikey is
 his dead brother come back to life. Will Mikey accept a vampire into his life, or is Gerard destined to lose him yet again?

The Itch
“Does the gothic tooth fairy have a name?” “Yes. Princess Tallulah Baltimore.”

Road Kill (Add as friend to view)
R Frank needs to feed on pretty boys.


I Have Been All Things Unholy
R   55,000 words
“He thinks I have stigmata,” Frank said, because what the fucking hell, it couldn’t get any worse. He might as well just lay it out.

“Oh, well,” said Brian into his hands. “Of course.”
Staring Through the Demons
R   54,000 words
Pete and Patrick were still looking expectant, so Mikey said, “So we’re a group of…traveling…personal grooming experts. I guess.”
Patrick looked at Gerard. “And their priest.”
“We’re very spiritual,” Ray mumbled.
Heaven Help Us
NC-17   68,000 words
“It would seem,” the Cardinal finished, “that Father Way’s body has disappeared.”
There was a silence. Eventually Bob said, “What the fuck?”
“Yes,” said the Cardinal. “Quite.”

Ghost AU

All That We See Or Seem
A Supernatural AU featuring Gerard the Hunter and Frank the paranormal investigator/journalist.

Ask It Something (Add as friend to view)
"A spirit named Alex wants to rape and kill me for no apparent reason, great, I totally shouldn't have played this." Gerard removed his hands and looked to Bert.

The Ghost Of You
Gerard and Mikey move into a new house and find someone already living in it. Well, if you can call it living.

Roses Are See-Through

“Ghosts are overrated,” Gerard says. A transparent Frank laughs.

Wake Me From This Nightmare
Gerard keeps seeing something that appears in his bedroom that couldn’t possibly be real. He fears he’s losing his mind. He just wants this hallucination to stop.. but is it really just a hallucination, or something much, much bigger?

The Anatomy of a Fall
The unholy union of a high school AU and a ghost story. Gerard's life takes a strange turn when his family moves to a small town in Vermont and he discovers the locals aren't all what they seem to be. Also includes: unexpected nature walks, murder, pining, improper treatment of crime scenes, a number of bone-related puns, high school bullies, and a short-range shrub named Ferdinand.

Superhero/Powers/Villain AU

Rising With The Heat
Frank's waiting outside the studio the next night, too, he found a good tree to wait in. Gerard is whistling again and Frank thinks he might recognize the song, so he drifts a little lower, still staying out of the cone of light from the street lamps.

Breathing With The Aid Of Denial 
NC-17   21,750 words
He should be happy. He was a light sider, which meant an automatic position in the government and control over the grayscales and dark siders of the city. Still, somedays Ryan wished things could go back to normal. Whatever normal meant in the world he lived in.

Apocolyptic AU

"What," Frank begins, and then swallows his question. "Gerard says you should look at my back," he says, instead."Yeah," Ray says, after he has his own silent conversation with Gerard over Frank's head. "Take off your shirt?" Frank  turns to straddle the branch. He takes off his pack and his shirt and puts them in his lap.
"Holy shit," Ray breathes. Gerard's hands go around his wrists like loose cuffs. "Frank, what have you been doing?" "It itches," he says, "What's wrong with it? What's--" he cranes his head back, trying to see. "Don't--"

Dance While the Sky Crashes Down  
NC-17   56,000 words  
The apocalypse isn't like in the movies. The real thing doesn’t need any blood thirsty zombies or big explosions. It doesn’t need any special effects. It’s just the end of the world. 

Nothing Changes But The Slightest Hues 
R   36,756 words 
When supernatural forces invade the world through the innocent-looking surfaces of the mirrors on the walls, Gerard Way is left one of a small band of survivors. Gerard is forced to journey through the remains of civilization to search for his baby brother, and to team up with friends and former enemies along the way.

Zombie AU

Counting Your Face Among The Living
During the final weeks, they gave up talk of food, and friends, and all of the things they didn't get to do before the epidemic spread. Instead, they talked of souls; the single thread of light that signifies the binding cord between the physical body and the eternal aspect of consciousness. Gerard prefers spirit, but Frank thinks in terms of souls. Sure, he turned his back on religion for a while. He strayed, like the prodigal son. None of it mattered much back then. There was always another day to be sorry for your sins. But then, the rising began.

The Meadow Man
I have only been to the bottom of the stairs and a few steps beyond; the tuna is stored next to the stairs. As Gerard ventures deeper and deeper into the cellar, my fear and eyesight heighten. I can see in the dark and suddenly I wish I hadn’t left Ripper in the kitchen.

Wing/Angel/Demon AU

A Blue Ribbon On My Brain
NC-17   1557 words
Frank always feels the clumsiest when he’s doing this.

An Inexplicable Occurrence of Angels
It starts with a giant crash just after dawn. The ceiling of Gerard's bedroom rattles with footsteps that don't head in any particular direction, just thunder aimlessly from side to side. Then more crashing. Sounds like dishes.

Sort of a cross over with the X-Men universe but not entirely. Gerard is going through some difficult changes and takes the risk of confiding in his new friend.

With Dripping Wings, Heavy Things Won't Fly

Gerard is in more than a mess when he's kicked out of Heaven, and the demon tracking him is certainly not helping him. Frank has a plan, though, and he needs the fallen angel for it to work. This is what happens when Heaven and Hell collide.

Fair is Fair
NC-17   1890 words

Frank is an angel. Problem is, nobody believes him.

Reaper AU

A Guided Tour Of October Country: Please Keep Your Arms And Legs Inside The Wind Of Death At All Times
PG   7508 words
That country where the hills are fog and the rivers are mist; where noon go quickly, dusks and twilights linger, and midnight stays.

Don't Fear the Reaper
4000 words

Gerard's not the greatest with faces but there's one that keeps crossing his path that he can't ignore. 

Take the Pieces and Build Them Skywards
NC-17   45,000 words
Gerard's not happy with his life, but that doesn't mean he's particularly thrilled when he wakes up dead. To add insult to injury, he finds out that instead of crossing over, he's been chosen to join the ranks of the grim reapers. Things get more complicated when he falls for one of the living, a waiter named Frank Iero. And just when everything finally seems to be falling into place, Frank's name shows up on the list of souls to be reaped. Loosely based on the TV show Dead Like Me.

Genie AU

Smokeless Flame of Fire
NC-17   21,400 words
Frank blinked. "What kind of name for a genie is Gerard?"

Bodyswap AU

Ray flaps his hands wildly and his fro bounces on his head. “Do about what?! Frank! You and Gerard switched bodies!” “So?” Frank shrugs, and Ray makes a strangled noise in the back of his throat. “We have a show tonight!”

Mermaid AU

 The Gay Starfish Community
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Mermaid-Bait (Add as friend to view)
"What the fuck am I going to do? This thing... Fuck." I flip it over with my hand and its skin is extremely soft and warm. "Shit... I should wake it up..." its face is actually really pretty... and its white skin gives its dark hair a run for its money. It looked like a doll... No marks, no freckles... No bags or wrinkles. I reach over gently and place my hands on its cheeks. Suddenly its eyes open quickly.
Sequel Lost Mermaid (Add as friend to view)
R   7022 words
It's been four months, two weeks, six days, and three hours since the last time he was in the ocean. Living on land is still eerie to him, no doubt about it but Frank makes him happy, makes him feel like he doesn't need to be on land or in the ocean. He just wants to be with Frank.