Saturday, May 28, 2011

OMG She's Alive....

I went to my first ever My Chemical Romance Concert on the 17th last week. It was AMAZING *______*

When we first arrived there, it about 5:30 and there was already a huge line. Almost everyone was dressed in black and talking excitedly about the show.  You would think that standing in line for two hours would be boring, but I kinda enjoyed it. We could even hear Gerard singing with the band doing sound check. It was also pretty hot out, go figure. It wasn’t that bad though, just in the 80s or something. It gets to be around 100 degrees down here in South Florida during the summer. We were given free Snapple because seriously, who would pay $4 for a bottle of water? My mom and I even started talking to this girl and her mom (sister?) about all the weird people showing up. The Highlighter Lady was my favorite. There was this chick dressed completely in neon. Seriously, she looked like a snow cone. Her hair was cut short and dyed a bright yellow at the bottom and bright blue at the top. Her top was a blinding pink and I can’t really remember the rest. I tried not to stare.

   And of course at every rock show, there is bound to be at least one scary person with crazy piercings. There were a couple of people at the concert with piercing, but this one girl seriously scared the shit out of me. She had them all over her face, on her eyebrows, her nose, and her lips. But that wasn’t the worse part. I could have dealt with facial piercings, stare for a couple of seconds and forget about it later. But no, she was wearing a really short shirt showing her off stomach….... that was covered in piercings. And I’m not talking about a belly button ring, that was probably the only part of her that wasn’t pierced. I’m talking all over her sides. Not only that, but we overheard her talking to some people about her piercings. She had apparently done them herself. That would kind explain why they looked all red and infected. I was afraid that if I gave her one wrong look, she would pull out one of those freakish needles and stab me in the eye ( She later ended up throwing up on someone while crowd surfing).

   And then there were also the girls wearing practically nothing. Pft, MCR doesn’t do groupies >_>

   In the middle of a game of I Spy with the girl ( I never got her name ]= ) and our moms, my cousin calls to ask about the show. Then this random this random dude comes to us and starts talking to us about his band. I was really confused at this point. My head was in a mess with trying to say bye to my cousin, listen to a recording of the band, and trying to guess what was orange and round (the maroone thing on the building behind us). Moving on, so I listened to the CD and I really liked it. The girl’s mom bought it for me (because she was so cool) and I got it signed by the guy. His name was Kevin and he was the guitarist of Transmit Now. The bassist, Lee, also came by and signed our CDs. Apparently the rest of the band was up in Orlando doing some more promoting or something. You should really go listen to them, I love their song Issues.

   After hours in the sun and being patted down by the guards, we were let in. At the beginning, I was behind a railing that was pretty far from the stage, but somehow by the time the second supporting act came on, I was four rows way from the stage. Let me tell you something. The pit is freaking hardcore. I was dying of thirst. I could literally taste the staleness of dehydration in my mouth. I felt like puking and passing out. At some point the security guards squirted water out of a bottle at us. I probably only got a few drops on my tongue, but I felt A LOT better afterwards.

  Surprisingly my first reaction to seeing them on stage wasn’t to start jumping and screaming, it was more like, “Well, finally!” I’d been waiting in line since 5:30 and they were just starting to play around ten (I’m not a patient person). Whatever, I was totally excited to see them play anyway. I was in front of where Gerard and Ray were so I got a really good look at them. Gerard was of course his sassy self, shaking his hips and being all sexy (I don’t know why, but I kind of have a thing for Gerard’s tummy, hips, and thighs). Hearing him sing less than ten feet away from me was unbelievable. Ray looked like fucking Rock ‘n Roll on legs. He stood right in front of me during his solos and I totally have this newfound respect for him. Mikey was originally at the other side of the stage, but he was walking around so I got to see him strutting around the stage here and there. I could barely see Frank though. He was all the was on the other side and there was usually a stray arm blocking my view. When I saw his tattoo on his neck, I gasped. I actually gasped. I’ve always seen it in pictures, but I guess seeing it in person was a bit surreal.

   I was trampled three times in the pit . The first and third weren’t all that bad. Someone usually pulled me back up as quickly as I had been sucked down. I love how the MCRmy helps each other out like that. The second time had scared the living shit out of me. I suppose it was kind of my fault, but my mother would have killed me if I lost my shoe. I got down to try and find it, but after I did I couldn’t get back up. People kept falling all over me and I started to have a panic attack. I screamed as loud as my lungs would allow but I don’t really think anyone heard me over the music. I really thought I was going to die. Luckily, the people around me told everyone to back up to let me get up. They were probably getting sick of saving me XP. When I got back up, I could have sworn Gerard was staring at me for about two seconds. I’m pretty sure I was close enough for him to see me so it’s not completely impossible. I was literally two rows away from the stage. He might have been just wondering why I looked like a dying fish.

   By the end of the concert I was sore and soaking wet with my sweat, dude sweat, and God knows what else. On our way back home, we stopped by McDonalds to get reasonably priced water but ended up leaving because this random black dude, who had to be absolutely high, stood in front of our car and looked like he was trying to talking to a pole. He then started to dance.

   When we got home I drank a gallon of water, took a shower, and checked for any serious injuries. I had bruises all over my body. They were all over my legs, arms, chest, and even my throat from people trying to elbow me out of the way. I could barely walk the next day but my mother still made me go to school, clearly she is insane. They’re mostly gone now, they don’t hurt either.

   Regardless of any of  the crap that happened that night, it weirdly made the night ten times better.
Overall, that was the best night of my life. I can’t wait to do it again in September. XD
So the reason I’m posting this just now is because my mom wouldn’t take me to get the pictures developed.
But now they’re here! =D
But they aren’t really that good >_>
Clearly photography isn’t my calling and I should just stick to what I do best…..whatever that may be.

You know how I promised Frerard spam and I never went through with it? Well, here it is! (None of it was taken at my concert!)

QUICK EDIT: Oh, and I've got a little surprise for you guys coming up in a few weeks.......


  1. Hey! I just found this blog and I'm sooo excited about it! I really hope that you keep up the good work. :)

  2. Dude, awesome concert recap. New-found respect for Ray Toro and him looking like Rock and Roll on Legs? I had that too. ^.^ I went to my first MCR concert in April so I know how that is. xD And two rows away from the stage? XD That's so amazing. You can see them so clearly it's so surreal. After only seeing them in pictures or videos on the internet it's so amazing seeing them up close and in person. At the concert I went to, i was really close to the stage and right up against the barrier, and everyone was packed to tightly in there you could barely move and it was so hot and steamy and smelled weird but it was amazing and so much better than i expected it to be.
    It's so awesome that you had a good time, and you're going again in September (same here, even if i have to kill someone for tickets. xD ) to do it again.

    Thank you for the lovely frerard spam, too. ^.^

  3. /agh! I totally know how you feel! My first show was in March and it was amazing!
    Thank you so much for the Frerard Pic Spam *drools all over*

  4. <3 I wanted so badly to go to that same exact concert! (I'm in Ft. Lauderdale) but it was all sold out EVERY time I checked since like two weeks after the dates were announced. Sounds like amazingness.

  5. Ahh i know how you feel! MyChem gigs are incredible <3

    Just thoughtt i'd say, there is this fic i found a while ago, it's called the Dove Keeper, and it's amazing. It should seriously, like be made into a novel or something.
    I haven't finished reading it yet, cause of it's length :P

  6. @Anonymous Don't worry, I'll definitely put it up. And actually, it HAS been made into a novel

  7. I LOVE how you put all the pictures between the concert review, made it even better :) I just saw them in Hollywood a week ago, got there at 5 in the morning, and they were--FUCKING INCREDIBLE doesn't even begin to describe it. Also, I'm now crying after finding out that The Dove Keeper is finally being made into a book. I found it a few years ago and it has to be one of my top five favorite stories of all time, counting fics on the internet and hold-in-hand books. Seriously the most beautiful and perfectly written and paced story (in my opinion) that I've ever read. Your blog makes me so happy,hahaha!

  8. @Sin I'm so glad my blog makes you happy! *hugs* Believe it or not, it actually took me over an hour to get all those pictures in all the right places because they simply wouldn't behave. And seriously, 5 in the morning? Wow, I wish I had been there at that time. At least I would heard more of the band practicing.
    I totally freaked out too when I found out it was being made into a novel. It's freaking unbelievable. Definitely better than countless of other books that I've ever read.

  9. I made an account JUST so I could comment about how much I love you. Seriously, I'm not even kidding. *hugs*
    So, does Gerard still give inspirational speeches? And I LOVE Ray so when you said you respect him, I got all happy inside(and I love you more).

  10. Ahhh this sounds like it was SUCH an amazing day! ......Or night? Anyways, I am so jealous. I'm dying to see MCR. I can only hope that, when I do, it lives up to your experience :)

    Regarding the AMAZING Frerard pics:
    I will never understand how these boys are in their thirties. Vampires, I'm telling you...