Friday, June 10, 2011


Today is the first day of my Summer Vacation! School is over! No more homework, no exams, no staying after school for long periods of time because my mother doesn't get off till three, and no more waking up early!!! I'm so happy! XD
So, to celebrate, I'm going to put up some more pages for you guys to go through, you have the whole freaking summer to read! I really hope you guys enjoy your summer vacation, go out, have fun, and get some freaking sunlight! Lord knows I'm being forced to. >_>

And remember...


  1. Omg you got a fucking Hospital/Disability page. I might love you forever now.

  2. I absolutely love this page - I check it every day:')

  3. Omg I love youuuuu~!! ;A;

  4. I love all you guys too! *hugs*

  5. Ahhh. You're alive :D

    I'm gonna be checking the 'Kink AU' page a lot now...

    -insert creepy perv face here-

    Glad the page is still alive! <3

  6. This page is indeed awesome ^*^

    Was wondering, do you know of any stories, in like an audio file? To put on an iPod or something
    Thankssss :3

  7. Hi, yeah, I just wanted to tell you again how amazing this thing is, especially the Supernatural section, so, here goes nothing: This place is amazing, especially the Supernatural section. ^.^

  8. I think i luv u for setting this up; pics, fanfic, its got THE LOT!!! please dont EVER stop updating, i wud cry :) XxX